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Try the sweet, the savory and everything in between at Drizzled Waffles and Coffee


By Kim Hasty

For Bryan Fisher, waffles were his calling. And he’s not referring to the steam that whistles from the cast-iron waffle press when his homemade confections have nearly reached their crispy perfection.

“We’ve got scripture on our T-shirts and scripture on our coffee mugs,” said Fisher, owner of the brand new Drizzled Waffles and Coffee in Hope Mills. “You never know what kind of day someone might be having. You might just change their day.”

Fisher, a 2008 graduate of South View High School, is intent on serving up a little kindness along with his waffles, which range from the sweet (strawberry drizzled) to the savory (anyone for a grilled cheese waffle melt? Or spicy Cajun?). Having tired of traditional waffles, he concocted a recipe that involved a 24-hour process and was based on the Belgium liege waffle, which is thicker and smaller with rounded edges. He bought a cast-iron contraption that he insists makes a big difference.

“It helps caramelize the sugar,” he said. “It results in a unique taste that’s appealing to a lot of people.”

The wide variety of waffles and a custom coffee blend have led to success so far, including a soft opening that is ongoing through this week. The restaurant, which is located at 3061 Hope Mills Road in Suite 105, also serves up ice cream in bubble waffle cones. For now, the hours are 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., though Fisher plans to expand that soon.

When he’s not mixing up waffle dough, he’s also the owner of Fisher’s Encapsulation, which specializes in moisture control in crawl spaces. He and his wife Rebecca lead busy lives and they like it that way.

In fact, she came up with the name of the restaurant, which isn’t part of a chain. At least not yet.

“I’d love to open five of them in the area,” Fisher said. “And maybe one day have a franchise.”