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Valley Cardiology

Valley Cardiology is a group practice in Fayetteville that specializes in Cardiovascular Disease with 5 physicians.

Doctor M. Akram Paracha is a highly experienced doctor and has over 25 years of experience.

Valley Cardiology accepts new patients and all insurances are welcomed.

One circulatory condition Valley Cardiology can identify is peripheral arterial disease. This is common but usually goes unrecognized.

This disease can lead to disabling leg pain, foot ulcers, limb loss, aneurysm, stroke, and even death. Risk factors include:

• Over the age of 40

• Smoker

• Diabetes

• Blood pressure

• Cholesterol

• Chronic Kidney Disease

Trust your heart health to Doctor Paracha and Valley Cardiology.

To learn more about Valley Cardiology visit their CityView Business Directory or call them at (910) 321-1012.