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Way Out West

Seventy-First Township continues a proud tradition By Kelly Twedell

Used to be that many Fayetteville residents considered a drive to the Seventy-First High School side of town to be quite a trek. Nowadays, with houses and stores popping up on a near-daily basis in that area, what was once the outskirts is now just another part of town. Few people even know that Seventy-First is a township all its own.

Though the school is the best known landmark in the area, it gets its name from the Seventy-First Township, which was so named to honor the 71st Regiment of the Scottish Highlanders and their failed bid for independence.

In 1924 the Seventy-First Township consolidated to bring six schools into one. The original school was built in November of 1924 in a two-story building with thirteen classrooms for grades one through twelve. Today, the school consists of 100 classrooms, a green house, two gymnasiums, an auditorium for 300 people, a media center and a cafeteria and the mighty falcon is their mascot.

From 1954 until 1968 Weeks Parker organized and directed concert and marching bands in the Cumberland County School System. He was the first director of the The Seventy-First High School Band; Pine Forest High School Band and the Stedman High School Band. Seventy-First High School is still known for their academic programs, marching band and music programs.