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We think our CityView readers look absolutely beautiful in their masks!


Left to right, row 1: Sutton Hammond; Sandy Ammons, Diane Parfitt, Jen Hill, Ariel Matthews, Caroline Gregory, sisters Devin Trego and Adrienne Trego, Judy Dawkins

Row 2: Mary Kelly and Charles Smith; Lindsay Williford Hall; Jacob Lockhart and Jennifer Lockhart; Kathy Gambill; Maggie Baker and Jackie Nichols; Cheri Molter, Caitlyn Keplinger and Megan Molter; Natalie Haire; Emily Morgan

Row 3: Anna Ruth Blue; Lenore Johnson, Amy Sparks and grandson Landon, Covey Holmes and Kyle Mohler, Abby and Ellie Sherrill; Caroline Hasty; Kris McLaurin Caison and her granddaughter Ava Simmons; Maryn Hammond

Row 4: Brittany Lockamy, Jami McLaughlin and family; Todd Harris, Jackson Lockamy, Paul Johnson, Carol Quigg, Rob Sparks and grandson Landon, Susan Brady

Row 5: Kelly and Pete Twedell, Kim Fisher, Niki Tinnon Foxx; Wade Tilghman; Methodist University Religious Life; Geoffrey the Frog at Cape Fear Botanical Garden; Oliver Holmes; Andrea Knight

Row 6: Country Fish Fry workers; Tina Desai; Jason Canady, Popi Lee, Carolyn and Jerry Beaver, Marion Bryan, Trey Lockamy, Diana Roberts

Row 7: Lou Irizarry and Edna Johnson-Irizarry; Kim Baker, Meg Suraci, Barbara Coleman, Earl Vaughan, Susie Edmonds, Maddie and Isaac Twedell, Avery and Lucas Narron