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Weeks Parker

By Kathryn Kelly

“I have done things all my life that people told me I was not ‘qualified’ to do. Because I refused to listen to those very negative thinking people, I have accomplished a variety of things that most people never think of doing.” This quote from Weeks Parker, a Fayetteville native and jack-of-all-trades, is pulled from his latest book, The Amazing Power of Postive Thinking.

Although he chooses not to date himself and reveal his age, Parker’s life experiences and words of wisdom are enough to prove that his mission is to create a life worth living.


            Parker proved the critics wrong with his own work ethic and his many professional pursuits throughout his lifetime. One of his earliest interests, which he still pursues today, is the operation of Ham radios. At the age of 12, he was inspired by his cousin who had built his own radio. Almost immediately, he went to his local radio supply, had them explain to him what to do, and bought all of the necessary parts. Fast forward several years, and both he and his wife, Myra, are licensed amateur radio operators and use their radios to chat with people all over the world.

            When asked about the continued usage of this form of communication in the digital world, Parker exclaimed, “When everyone’s cell phones go dead, the radio will still work.” To ensure this, he features a 45-foot-tall radio tower on top of his house, which allows for the best possible radio signal and serves as a climbing post for his daily exercise. He even eliminated his cable bill by installing a TV antenna on top of the tower. The farthest signal he and his wife have ever reached is Australia, but he is confident he could reach someone on the moon with no problem, using only short wave radio.

With his knowledge and expertise, Parker has taught a number of specialized courses about radio, television, electronics, and robots at Worth College, Central Carolina Technical College, Beaufort County Technical Institute, Fayetteville Technical Community College, and the Army Education center at Fort Bragg. He has also contributed to cancer research through his work in the field of medical electronics by attempting to kill cancer cells under his video microscope with audio and radio frequencies. In alignment with an interest in radio, Parker is also a seasoned musician and teacher of music. He has taught band at Seventy-First, Pine Forest, and Stedman High School, and served as the first band director at all three. In addition to teaching music, he was also the featured act of a one-man orchestra, and has recorded several CD’s in his own recording studio.

His wife was also an educator for many years, but the couple shared another career at one point in their lives. Both Parker and his wife are professional wedding videographers. They have recorded over 700 weddings in their business. They are also very active at Snyder Memorial Baptist Church, where Weeks is an ordained deacon.



In addition to the many jobs he has taken, Weeks Parker accidentally found himself in the business of writing books. It all started when he was a student at Saint Andrews Presbyterian Junior College and he had a boring essay assignment. Instead of reading an actual book, he made up a random title and reported on a fake book, which eventually became his first published work, How to Overcome Negative Thinking.

From then on, Parker’s writing was intentional, and to date he has published 13 works. Ranging from Fayetteville’s early history to marriage advice and health, the subjects of his books cover a wide variety of topics and reflect his own life’s passions and lessons learned. His most famous book is Fayetteville, North Carolina: A Pictorial History, which originally retailed for $35 and now sells on eBay for upwards of $400. In 2003, this collection of photographs and historical accounts was included in a time capsule in a ceremony in downtown Fayetteville, where Parker was presented with a Certificate of Excellence by Mayor Marshall Pitts Jr.


Although no one can stop the force of time, Parker has made it his mission to fight back with everything he’s got. In order to this, he believes firmly that one must make both mental and physical efforts to ensure optimal wellbeing. Every day, he wakes up with a positive attitude and thanks God for another day. In his most recent book, The Amazing Power of Positive Thinking, he talks about the importance of choices and being selective in who you surround yourself with. This, in combination with a healthy diet and an active lifestyle, is the basis of Parker’s philosophy to enjoy each day’s givings. To promote these uplifting sentiments, Parker runs an email ministry to spread encouragement, blessings, and good tidings. He has over 500 subscribers. 

From advice regarding faith, marriage, mental wellbeing, physical health, aging gracefully, and living life to its fullest, Weeks Parker is Fayetteville’s cornucopia of knowledge and wisdom. Through regular exercise, eating right, and maintaining a positive mindset, he has proven his theories to be true and sets a new standard for achieving your goals and making the most of each day at any age.