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"Who Will Baby Be?" helps young siblings understand sad news

Jessica Murray with the children's book she wrote about losing a baby

In addition to coping with their own grief in 2016 when they endured the stillbirth of their third child, Jessica and Patrick Murray struggled with something else: how in the world to explain the loss to their other two young children. After all, Sophia and Thomas, then 6 and 3, had been looking forward to the birth of a new baby just like everyone else.

The struggle to make those conversations as healthy and hopeful as possible led to Jessica becoming a first-time author in July with the publication of the children’s book, “Who Will Baby Be?”

The book, published by Austin MacCauley Publishers, is available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Jessica and Patrick, who met in high school at

Jessica and Patrick Murray with their children Thomas, Theodore and Sophia

College Lakes Christian Center, have gone on to have a third child, Theodore, who is 2. Sophia is now 10 and Thomas is 7. Jessica, who has a nursing degree, homeschooled her children even before the pandemic closed most schools. Patrick is a real estate broker.

October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, and Jessica hopes she can help others who may be facing similar painful situations.

“That’s my wish,” she said. “That this book will be a blessing to another family.”