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Wine Pairing to Purr About


A Friday night wine pairing to purr about

Okay another Friday night has come and gone, and, like most Friday nights, we had take-out food. We had a nice jazzed up Bacon Greek Salad with cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, black kalamata olives, Greek peppers and feta cheese, with a blue cheese balsamic glaze dressing. What to drink with a salad?

There are a lot a varying opinions about the type of wine to drink with a salad. I prefer a white wine that doesn't clash with the food or dressing. Trust me, when you try the two together you will know what I mean. If this happens, just open another bottle and start over. It is Friday night for Pete's sake.

Okay, who got a novelty wine for Christmas or New Year? Well, I got one for myself because I actually liked the bottle. It’s a very sleek black bottle shaped like a cat. It is a 2018 Rheinhessen - Riesling Qualitatswein by Moselland Wine Company for $12. Friday night was as good a night as any to open my novelty wine. To my surprise, it was very good. Nice crispy apples with lemon on the nose. Nice acid with a touch of straw and lemongrass on the palate. There is a touch of sweetness. Not a complicated wine but very pleasant. This wine is actually good with the olives but really shines with the cherry tomatoes, Greek peppers and feta cheese. You never know if a wine is good with a salad until you try it. I am a fan of inexpensive German wines because they remind me of my teenage years. Enough said!

This wine and German wines like it are readily available at your local grocery store or wine merchant. I bought this one at Fresh Market, and as of last week they had a few left.

Cat Bottles - Cat Lore

According to legend, three wine merchants came to the town of Zell (in Germany) to buy wine. They were about to sample out of a barrel when a black cat suddenly jumped on it, arched its back and swiped its paw at anyone who approached it. The wine merchants chose the barrel guarded by the cat, thinking it held the best wine.

Zeller Schwarze Katz wine sold so well that wines from this vineyard in Zell have maintained the name since. But Moselland was the first and only winery to actually market their wine in a black, cat-shaped bottle! Now there are many colors, finishes for holidays and a special pink bottle to raise funds and awareness for Breast Cancer Research.

Thank you for indulging me in my passion.

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