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“You just made two 10-year-olds so happy.”

Charlotte McBrayer, left, and Emmie Yanagi

True friendship, it seems, is as impressive as Mount Midoriyama and as strong as the tallest salmon ladder. That was certainly the case when 10-year-old Charlotte McBrayer had an idea for a 10th birthday surprise for her best friend, Emmie Yanagi.

“Best birthday gift ever,” said Megan Yanagi. Emmie’s mom, who orchestrated the surprise. Charlotte’s idea seemed like a long shot. Since Emmie is a big fan of Jessie Graff, perhaps they could send the "American Ninja Warrior" star a message on Instagram and hope for the best. Megan Yanagi gave it a shot, sending the request, along with a photo of Emmie dressed as Graff for a school project last year. Graff is a favorite on the NBC series that puts athletes through challenging obstacles.

Everyone at the Yanagi house was thrilled when Graff responded with a “Happy Birthday, Emmie!” greeting that included the photo.

“A true class act and girl power inspiration,” Megan Yanagi said, sharing the greeting with friends on social media. “You just made two 10- year-olds so happy.”