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CityView Timeline

By Jennifer Gonzalez, 09/01/2016, Categories: Today, Entertainment

A 10th Anniversary marks a significant milestone, especially here at CityView. So much can happening the years time, celebrations and success, stories and memories, even ups and downs.

Connecting Nature and LEGOs

By Jennifer Gonzalez, 09/01/2016, Categories: Community, Today, Entertainment, CityView Family

Nature Connects® Art with LEGO® Bricks premiering soon at the Cape Fear Botanical Garden

Saluting a Friend

By Jennifer Gonzalez, 09/01/2016, Categories: Today, Military Life

General Clarke is a soldier’s soldier. He is a patriot. He is a watchman in the night for other sleeping Americans.

Local Diners

By Jennifer Gonzalez, 09/01/2016, Categories: Today, Shop+Eat+Drink

Sept/Oct 2016 Food. That Hometown Feeling: Local Fayetteville restaurants dish on their roots, their own home-made food and that hometown feeling they love

September/October 2016 Publisher's Note

By Jennifer Gonzalez, 09/01/2016, Categories: Community, Today, Entertainment

The Evolution of CityView: the story behind 10 years of publishing success. Publisher Marshall Waren and Editor Erin Pesut sit down to chat

The Heart of the City

By Jennifer Gonzalez, 09/01/2016, Categories: Community, Today, Shop+Eat+Drink, Entertainment

The Downtown Alliance keeps high hopes for the transformation of Fayetteville’s downtown district

The Kyle family makes Dobbin Avenue home

By Jennifer Gonzalez, 09/01/2016, Categories: Today, Lifestyle

Sept/Oct 2016 Living: History, Tradition & Charm

Local Spotlight Support Local

  • Diabetes Management

    06:00PM — 07:00PM

    Join Melissa Brady, founder of Healthy Innovations, for this weekly class dedicated to providing ...

  • Yoga for Athletes

    04:15AM — 05:15AM

    Tailored to young athletes ages 14 & up, this weekly yoga class is a great way to complement the ...

  • Intro to Yoga

    05:45AM — 06:30AM

    Join Guiding Wellness Director, Kelsy Timas for this free orientation yoga class! If you’ve been ...

  • Discover Your Yoga

    06:30PM — 07:45PM

    Join us every Tuesday for this new weekly Discover your Yoga Beginner class! These classes are ta...

  • Former White House correspondent and Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellow Richard Benedetto will presen...

  • Healing Hands for Arthritis

    08:00AM — 10:00PM

    Join us on September 28 for the 6th annual Healing Hands for Arthritis event at your local Massag...

  • Nutrition Counseling

    02:00PM — 04:00PM

    Guiding Wellness Institute is now offering Nutrition Counseling through Healthy Innovations, Fa...

  • Pinwheel Masquerade Ball & Auction

    07:00PM — 11:00PM

    **get your tickets now for this Oct 15th event ** The Pinwheel Masquerade Ball & Auction is th...

  • The MU Theatre will present "Much Ado about Romeo and Juliet" starting next week from Sept. 29 to...

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