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McFadyen's Musings May/June 2017

By Jennifer Gonzalez, 05/10/2017, Categories:

The Littlest Thing

Giving: Horses That Heal

By Jennifer Gonzalez, 05/10/2017, Categories: Today

Stemming from Avalon Counseling, Deb’s private practice, Horses That Heal (HTH) is the Foley’s nonprofit focused on providing the opportunity for all veterans to receive equine assisted psychotherapy at no cost.

Why that Chair?

By Erin Pesut, 05/10/2017, Categories: Today, CV Lifestyles

Military spouses Jennifer Pate, Sonny Kelly, Sarah Knox and Evie King all chose differently.

Feature: Military Spouse Superstars

By Jennifer Gonzalez, 05/10/2017, Categories:

Mil*spo (noun): a military spouse who is resilient, confident, empowered, dedicated and entrepreneurial.

Art: Faux painting or faux finishing

By Jennifer Gonzalez, 05/10/2017, Categories: Today

Faux painting or faux finishing comes from the French word for fake. Faux painting isn’t one technique but an assortment just as curry isn’t a single spice but a mixture.

Living: Larry and Samantha Thomas create an outdoor oasis

By Jennifer Gonzalez, 05/10/2017, Categories: Today

Larry and Samantha Thomas know their move to McLauchlin Farms was “meant to be.”

Faith: Does the Resurrection of Jesus Matter?

By Jennifer Gonzalez, 05/10/2017, Categories:

So, if Paul is so certain of the historical reality of Christ’s resurrection, then why speculate on the impact of the contrary belief?

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    Come see all types of visual art for all ages. Visit the Arts Council's galleries to see the lar...

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    Florence RedWolves at Fayetteville SwampDogs

  • A Star-Spangled Kind of Day

    12:00PM — 05:00PM

    Get ready for a day full of liberty, justice and fun for all! Dress in your best red, white and b...

  • Paradise (Acres)

    03:00PM — 08:00PM

    Every 1st Sunday of April - November 2017 Bring your shiniest car, motorcycle, truck, even tracto...

  • Firecracker 4 Miler

    07:00AM — 10:00AM

    Fayetteville’s Premier Road Running Event returns on Tuesday July 4, 2017. Come on out and suppor...

  • Rap and R&B fans, get ready! International-recording artists Rick Ross and K. Michelle are coming...

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