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CityView Family Winter 2014

By Wendy Turner, 11/20/2014, Categories: Today

Across the Generations!

2015 Fayetteville's Finest

By Wendy Turner, 11/20/2014, Categories: Today

Who's Who in Fayetteville

CityView January/February 2015

By Wendy Turner, 01/07/2015, Categories: Today

Health and Fitness Issue

CityView Family Winter 2015

By Aubray Onderik, 11/25/2015, Categories: Today

CityView January/February 2016

By Aubray Onderik, 01/08/2016, Categories: Today

"Health and Wellness" Issue

2016 September/October Special Issue

By Jennifer Gonzalez, 09/01/2016, Categories:

10th Anniversary Special Issue

2016 CityView Food & Wine Party

By Jennifer Gonzalez, 08/19/2016, Categories:

This is our annual party which is the event in The All American City. Come and be Seen at the Scene at Fayetteville's ultimate party!

July/ August 2016 Men's Issue

By Jennifer Gonzalez, 07/01/2016, Categories:

This is the 2nd year for The Men’s Issue, the edition of CityView when we like to celebrate the men in our community. We even include the latest lingo for the best men’s haircut, latest trends in TV technology and where in Fayetteville you can grab a fishing pole and catch your own dinner.

CityView March/April

By Jennifer Gonzalez, 03/01/2016, Categories: Today

Women in Business

CityView Family Summer 2016

By Jennifer Gonzalez, 05/04/2016, Categories: CV Family

As the school year winds down and parents and children alike begin dreaming about family vacations, summer camps, trips to the beach and a quiet bike ride around the block, we can all take a minute to breathe.

  • Back 2 School Zone

    01:00PM — 03:30PM

    The Queen In Me Mentoring will host our Back 2 School Zone on August 20th for young ladies! We wi...

  • Local Organic Farmers Market

    04:00AM — 06:00PM

    Enjoy high quality, locally sourced produce from certified organic farmers. Support these hard-wo...

  • Renaissance Classical Preschool NOW ENROLLING

    08:00AM — 05:00PM

    Renaissance Classical Preschool is now enrolling for 2017-2018. We cater to children ages 1-3yrs ...

  • Murchison Road Farmers Market

    10:00AM — 02:00PM

    Fresh vegetables, fruit, honey, and herbs are sold at this weekly market, located across from the...

  • Where's the Truck?

    11:00AM — 01:00AM

    Where's the Truck! will be hosting food trucks every Wednesday at Festival Park in Fayetteville f...

  • No Sun? More Fun!

    12:00PM — 05:00PM

    On August 21st, 2017 people across America will look to the sky to find the sun disappear behind ...

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