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New area code coming to Southeastern N.C.

The new area code will be assigned once the 910 numbers are exhausted, the state Utilities Commission says


The North Carolina Utilities Commission has announced a new area code for the Southeastern part of the state, including Cumberland County.

The 472 area code will serve the same geographic area that now uses the 910 area code, the commission said in a release Thursday. The new area code will not be assigned until numbers with the 910 area code have been exhausted, the release said.

Cities in the 910 area code in Southeastern North Carolina include Fayetteville — as well as Fort Bragg — Lumberton, Jacksonville and Wilmington in Cumberland, Robeson, Onslow and New Hanover counties.

Customers can keep their current 910 telephone number, the release said.

The remaining supply of telephone numbers with 910 area codes is expected to be exhausted in early 2023, according to the North American Numbering Plan Administrator. That’s the reason for the new area code, the commission said in the release.

Once the 910 numbers are exhausted, future phone numbers will have a 472 area code, the release said.

Beginning Oct. 7, people in the 910 region may be assigned a 472 area code when they request new service or an additional line, the commission said in the release. People who receive a 472 area code will need to dial the area code and phone number when making local calls the same as those with 910 numbers do now, the release said.

The Utilities Commission offered tips to prepare for the start of the new area code:

  • Check devices to make sure area codes are included on stored numbers.
  • Program or save phone numbers on all devices using the full, 10-digit telephone number.
  • Make sure all services and equipment — such as life safety and medical alert systems, alarm and security systems and voicemail services — recognize the new area code as a valid number.

For more information, go to the Utilities Commission website.


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