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Step by step

Is this the year you finally lose those 15 pounds, exercise regularly, and take a break from stress? How do you get started? How do you remain committed? How can it change your life?The key to …

A time of discovery

A new year brings inspiration on many fronts. To look and feel our very best. To become more open to life’s possibilities. To be bold and explore what’s “out there.” …
Seen @ the Scene

Night Circus: A District New Year’s Eve Spectacular

Night Circus: A District New Year’s Eve Spectacular, hosted by Cool Spring Downtown District and the city of Fayetteville, was held on Dec. 31 at Festival Park.

Holiday Lights in the Garden

Cape Fear Botanical Garden presented its Holiday Lights in the Garden on select nights from Dec. 1-22.


‘Take back your health’

In 2004, Kristen Wilkey was diagnosed with a medical condition that caused her to gain about 100 pounds in a year. To lose weight, she tried dieting, fasting, clean eating, the keto diet, and working …
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Editor's Corner

New year brings new opportunities

It’s a new year, and for many, that means resolutions. Lose weight. Exercise more. Spend more time with friends and family. We start out with good intentions and may be able to stick with our …
Family Matters

The best darn dog

Next month will mark the three-year anniversary of my professional relationship with this wonderful magazine. My column has given me the monthly opportunity to share thoughts and stories that are …
Someday you'll thank me

A new year, an old battle with technology

Technology and I are not friends. If anything, we are mortal enemies, having engaged in a decades-long battle over a variety of devices that have evolved and presented me with new adversaries. While …
Good Reads

New year, new books

When Harry Potter first appeared on bookshelves, how many thousands of readers anxiously awaited the next installment from JK Rowling? Those of us who have a favorite author will, after finishing one …