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On with the show

Members of Cape Fear Regional Theatre, Gilbert Theater, Fayetteville Symphony Orchestra, Poetry-N-Motion, Cape Fear Studios and other groups are scheduled to perform at CityView's Food, Wine & ART event presented by Cape Fear Valley Health on Oct. 6 at Cape Fear Botanical Garden. Get tickets at cityviewnc.com.

A walk on the wild side

If you want to go on a safari, you won’t have to go to Kenya and watch a lion eat a gazelle. Or even to the North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro and hope the elephants come out of hiding. Instead, stay in Fayetteville and take a stroll at Cape Fear Botanical Garden, where you’ll discover another type of life form.
Seen @ the Scene

KidsPeace Fayetteville Annual Auction

The KidsPeace Fayetteville Annual Auction was held on  Sept. 15, 2022, at Gates Four Golf & Country Club.

Greek Festival

The 2022 Greek Festival, hosted by Saints Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church, was held on Sept. 17-18.


Let’s get the party started

Emotion. Color. Abundance. That’s how Karoll Echeverri and Brittany Cobb like to get your attention. As the owners of Meraki Creative Agency, a party design and supply shop, they use whimsy and sparkle to put people in a happy mood. “It’s everything in abundance, a lot of color,” Echeverri says of their creative approach. “A lot of color makes a difference. When you do it in abundance, it creates an immediate reaction.”

Care for the caregivers

It all started when Ronnie Luck noticed that his wife, Phyllis, kept repeating herself. “She’d ask the same question over and over again,” says Luck, with tears in his eyes, remembering the early days of her progression to a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease.

The art of the sandwich

Brian and Staci Graybill are passionate about food and, specifically, the possibility to elevate a humble sandwich to something special. Their creativity in the kitchen — using the freshest ingredients, many from North Carolina farmers and purveyors — comes to fruition at Pan, an artful eatery that’s quickly become a lunchtime favorite in the heart of downtown Fayetteville.

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Editor's Corner

Movies bring us together

Before the pandemic, one of my weekly splurges was a trip to the movies with a few of my friends. It didn’t matter if it was an action film, a comedy or some other genre; we just enjoyed spending time together taking in the latest movie we decided on for that week.
Family Matters

What you really need to know about baby teeth

I’m winging this parenting thing as best I can. I’ve had some experiences that I sometimes feel obliged to share in the event that my trials and errors (and occasional triumphs and exultations) might help my fellow child-rearers. So, let’s talk about baby teeth.
Someday you'll thank me

How people really classify books

Melville Dewey created a precise, mathematical approach to systemizing books based on their content. Unlike Dewey, most of us classify books based on our feelings about them, our history with them and the impression we hope these books make on others. Using my shamelessly shallow standard, let’s look at the real way we classify books.
Good Reads

Books should unite, not divide

Banned Books Week is held annually in September to celebrate our freedom to read the books we choose. It is sponsored by numerous organizations, including the American Library Association, Association of University Presses and People for the American Way Foundation. The celebration this year is Sept. 18-24, and the theme is “Books Unite Us — Censorship Divides Us.” As our nation struggles with so much divisiveness, this may be a good time to look at the history of book banning in our country.