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CHRISTINA ARAGUES: N.C. House, Dist. 44 candidate

'We need less government and people who put their community first, not their party affiliation'


Office sought: N.C. House of Representatives, District 44

Party affiliation: Libertarian

Lives: Fayetteville

Age: 42

Works: Remote Project Manager in Fin Tech and Major in Army Reserves

What’s your motivation for seeking office? Inflation is killing the working class; the government is taking more rights away from parents and criminalizing people for existing. We need less government and people who put their community first, not their party affiliation. I am a person who cares about progressing the community to success above corporate and party affiliation interests.

What uniquely qualifies you to serve? I currently work in finance and am on the City of Fayetteville Planning Board. I previously worked in hospitals, on a newspaper, taught in public schools, coached high school students, was enlisted in the Air Force, and was an Officer in the Army. I have been deployed all over the world and worked with public officials of all levels in the US and abroad. I have experience in nearly every facet of life and can utilize that to work intelligently through issues facing those in District 44.

Fill in the blank: The top three issues in my municipality/district are ____, ____ and ____; and I would promote positive change by _____.  Safety, Education, Inflation.

What new policies or practices would you bring to your municipality/district that do not already exist? As a Libertarian who believes in more freedom for individuals and small businesses, I would be more focused on eliminating policies and regulations that hinder people's ability to provide for their families and exist without government intervention.

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