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Cumberland sheriff: 84 street signs stolen in Cumberland County


The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the theft of 84 street signs from 42 intersections earlier this month.

The signs were taken on Aug. 12 and Aug. 13, the Sheriff’s Office said in a release.

The signs were removed from intersections in the Eastover area to the Wade-Stedman area, the Sheriff’s Office said. The Sheriff’s Office was alerted when it responded to a larceny call at the Cumberland County Sign Shop on Aug. 16, the release said.

It cost an estimated $20,000 to replace the signs, the release said.

“The sign shop worked diligently and swiftly to replace all the stolen signs from the reported locations,’’ the Sheriff’s Office said in the release.

The Sheriff’s Office is asking people who live in the area where the signs were taken to check their surveillance and doorbell cameras to see if they may have information about the signs.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective R. Tyndall at 910-677-5499 or Crimestoppers at 910-483-TIPS (8477). 

The Sheriff’s Office said signs were taken at the following intersections:

  1. Magnolia Church Road at Maxwell Road
  2. Pooh Avenue at Wade-Stedman Road
  3. Tobacco Road at Baywood Road
  4. Hayfield Road at Maxwell Road
  5. Roebud Road at Jake Road
  6. Morning Glory Drive at Wade-Stedman Road
  7. Collier Road at S. River School Road
  8. Boyces Landing Road at S. River School Road
  9. Oak Grove Church Road at Bainbridge Road
  10. Saddleback at Wade-Stedman Road
  11. Mary Mccall Road at Bainbridge Road
  12. Bridle Ridge Lane at Kennel Road
  13. Kennel Road at Wade-Stedman Road
  14. Kennel Road at S. River School Road
  15. Stone Crossing Lane at S. River School Road
  16. Bun Brady Road at Murphy Road
  17. Irrigation Drive at Draughon Road
  18. Travis Road at Draughon Road
  19. Landover Drive at Draughon Road
  20. Produce Lane at Draughon Road
  21. Hollowman Drive at Murphy Road
  22. Lake Gordon Drive at Murphy Road
  23. Glamorgan Road at Murphy Road
  24. Gobbler Lane at Baywood Road
  25. Mistletoe Court at Baywood Road
  26. Wolvey Road at Baywood Road
  27. Autry Road at Clinton Road
  28. Stallion Drive at Clinton Road
  29. Harvestgrain Drive at Mary Mccall Road
  30. Mccall Drive at Oak Grove Church Road
  31. Wishing Lane at Huckleberry Road
  32. Piglet Place at Tigger Trail
  33. Pooh Avenue at Piglet Place
  34. Ping Court at Bobby Jones Drive
  35. Titleist Drive at Bobby Jones Drive
  36. Maxwell Road at Murphy Road
  37. Cherrybark Drive at Deerview Drive
  38. Eastfield Avenue at Deerview Drive
  39. Altitude Drive at Final Approach Drive
  40. Final Approach Drive at Baywood Road
  41. Sandy Acres Loop at Baywood Road
  42. Creek Bottom Trail at Murphy Road
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