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Everybody - presented by Sweet Tea Shakespeare


Branden Jacobs-Jenkins’ “Everybody” is a modern reimagination of the classic morality play “Everyman.” This unique theatrical journey invites us all to reflect on the universality of life’s experiences, challenges, and emotions.

As the gentle touch of spring breathes life into Fayetteville, Sweet Tea Shakespeare, in collaboration with Fayetteville State University Theatre & Dance, is thrilled to unveil a poignant exploration of humanity’s shared essence. Set amidst the serene ambiance of Butler Theater’s courtyard and the enchanting lawns and gardens of the 1897 Poe House, “Everybody” is more than just a play—it’s an experience. With live music echoing the emotions on stage, engaging preshow entertainment, and a touch of Sweet Tea Shakespeare’s signature audience interaction, we’re redefining the very essence of immersive theatre.