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More than 4,000 cast ballots during early voting period

Early voting ended Saturday. The Fayetteville municipal election is Tuesday.


Candidates and their supporters were out Saturday urging people to vote on the last day of early voting ahead of the Fayetteville municipal election.

The Board of Elections office on Fountainhead Lane was the only early voting site ahead of Tuesday’s municipal election.

Angie Amaro, the interim director of the Cumberland County Board of Elections,  reported Saturday that 4,137 people used early voting to cast their ballots.

Early voting started July 7 and ended at 3 p.m. Saturday.

On Tuesday, Fayetteville voters will cast ballots for mayor and nine district City Council seats. Polls are open from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. 

Dorothy Hill, 67, of Fayetteville, was among the last of the early voters on Saturday.

"I had thought about it and when I went to church at Simon Temple (AME Zion Church)," she said on her way back to her vehicle, "our pastor encouraged everyone to vote, and another pastor gave us all the dates and times you could vote."

Hill added that "I think it's very important" to vote.

Clara Walley, who is 70, said she is always going to vote. She had her own reasons for showing up on the final day of early voting.

"Because I just lost my son, and I'm just getting control of myself," Hill said. "That wasn't a priority at the moment. I was looking at my calendar and said, 'Let me get off my keister and go vote.'"

In Fayetteville, voters will choose between these candidates in 10 contests:

  • Mayor: Mitch Colvin, Freddie de la Cruz.
  • City Council District 1: Kathy Keefe Jensen, Alex Rodriguez.
  • City Council District 2: Shakeyla Ingram, Tyrone A. Williams.
  • City Council District 3: Mario Benavente, Antonio Jones.
  • City Council District 4: Thomas Greene, D.J. Haire.
  • City Council District 5: Johnny Dawkins, Fred LaChance.
  • City Council District 6: Peter Pappas, Derrick Thompson.
  • City Council District 7: Brenda McNair, Larry Wright.
  • City Council District 8: Courtney Banks-McLaughlin, Michael Pinkston.
  • City Council District 9: Deno Hondros, Yvonne Kinston.

Michael Futch covers Fayetteville and education for CityView TODAY. He can be reached at mfutch@cityviewnc.com. Have a news tip? Email news@CityViewTODAY.com. 

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