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PAVAN PATEL: Cumberland County Board of Commissioners candidate


Office sought: Cumberland County Commissioners, District 2

Party affiliation: Republican

Lives: Fayetteville

Age: 33

Works: Business Owner, Commercial Real Estate Developer/Investor, and Tropical Smoothie Café Franchisee.

What’s your motivation for seeking office? 

As someone who was raised in and cares deeply about Cumberland County, I want to see future generations have the opportunities that this county deserves. North Carolina is growing at a rapid pace, our neighboring counties are monopolizing on this growth while our county falls behind. This is an important time to create a better quality of life not just for today, but for decades to come. I aim to reinforce the key pillars of our county – strong K-12 funding, access to clean water and strong economic opportunities.

What uniquely qualifies you to serve?

Our county’s future depends on strong, energized, and committed servant leadership. I have the experience and passion to bring new ideas to the table, work hard, and listen harder. Through grit and determination, I have built multiple businesses in our real estate, healthcare, and hospitality industries. I have worked hard to create value and bring accountability via my current positions as County TDA Vice-Chair, Chairman of the Fayetteville Zoning Commission, and as a non-profit Treasurer for our Arts Council. I will bring a strong entrepreneurial spirit and work ethic to our county’s leadership.

Fill in the blank: The top three issues in my municipality/district are ____, ____ and ____; and I would promote positive change by _____. 

The three most important issues for District 2 are quality of life concerns, that are currently undermined by 1) the lack of access to clean water; 2) need for access to quality healthcare; and 3) creation of valuable economic opportunities.

I will provide fiscally responsible leadership that keeps our goal on investing in our future. To create a high quality of life, we need to make sure that the fundamental pillars of our county are indestructible. We need to fund K-12 so that our future generations are being properly prepared, educators are not handcuffed by a lack of resources, and our school facilities are a priority investment. A strong education system ensures a fruitful future, increased economic value, and quality of life.

We need to hold the leadership, both private and public, accountable for the contamination of our surface water, ground water, and lack of infrastructure. Residents have already paid too high of a price, and I cannot morally ask them to burden the costs to clean this up this mess. This is common sense; without clean water, we have tainted crops, animals, and air. This is not just a problem for “down river,” this is a problem that effects more facets of our lives than we can imagine – and we need clean water to support our rural areas, farmers, businesses, and economic growth. We need to participate in the valuable growth that NC is experiencing, but we simply cannot attract investment without safe drinking water. This is a major factor affecting our quality of life.

Our county is growing rapidly with our healthcare educational programs - doctors, physicians assistants, therapists, nurses, paramedics. Additionally, we are on the way to our first medical school, this will be a major boom to our county and aid in advancing the access to quality healthcare. We need to ensure these healthcare providers that train here, stay and live here. If we have enough providers to care for our community, it will raise the quality of the ERs, urgent cares, mental health facilities – contributing to a strong quality of life.

These are core fundamental, common sense issues that need to be addressed with a long-term vision in mind. I can provide the leadership that will make the right investments to increase the quality of life for our residents today and generations to come.

What new policies or practices would you bring to your municipality/district that do not already exist? 

Greater fiscal discipline to ensure that our hard earned tax money is invested properly, not just for an election cycle but for the county’s long-term future.

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