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RONALD PITTMAN: Cumberland County Board of Commissioners candidate

'Let's build a better future for the citizens of Cumberland County'


Office sought: Cumberland County Commissioners, District 2

Party affiliation: Democrat

Lives: Fayetteville

Age: 59

Works: Executive Director Arms of Refuge Inc.

What’s your motivation for seeking office? I am dedicated to serving the people of Cumberland County. I know the current Commissioners are working to resolve this problem with the water, but the water issues in the county need to be fixed ASAP. I would like to be a part of the solution. Together let's build a better future for the citizens of Cumberland County.

What uniquely qualifies you to serve? I am dedicated to serving the people of Cumberland County. I believe in transparency, accountability and effective leadership.

Fill in the blank: The top three issues in my municipality/district are ____, ____ and ____; and I would promote positive change by _____. Community development, homelessness & clean water. Homelessness In order for us to help the homeless population we have to do more than giving food clothing. we need to work on the underlying problems like mental health, drug and alcohol abuse. We need on site councilors. We need to offer computer lab for employment opportunities showers for better hygiene transitional housing.

Community Development: we need to work together to have sustainable development within the county. We have to take aim to address the challenges and gaps that are oppressing the citizens of Cumberland County.

Clean Water: we need to explore options with PWC to see if we can come to an agreement to where we can get the water run out to the citizens in the affected area or if there's another source for water for the citizens in this area. This needs to be a priority!

What new policies or practices would you bring to your municipality/district that do not already exist? N/A

For more:

(910) 728-6570; Email: ronaldpittman4cc@gmail.com. Website: ronaldpittmanforcc.com