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Graduation 2023

‘We are traveling together,’ Seventy-First valedictorian tells classmates


More than 900 high school seniors received their diplomas Tuesday as four more Cumberland County schools held commencement exercises.

The ceremonies were held at the Crown Coliseum.

Valedictorian Jalen Cannon urged classmates at Seventy-First High School to not give up hope.

“Fellow seniors, let us move forward in our lives with the knowledge that we have accomplished great things and possess the resources necessary to confront the challenges that await us,” Cannon said. “There will be bumps in the road, missed turns, and barriers. Each of us may experience moments where we feel hopeless and isolated. However, none of us are wandering; instead, we are traveling together. We have made it this far; why should we back out now?

“Forging a bright future will require effort and determination, yet anything gained without exertion tends to be fleeting and unsatisfying,” he continued. “We must persist because we are capable of tapping into greatness.”

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