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What one Libertarian Dist. 44 candidate had to say on three big issues

'If there's no victim in a situation, then we should not have laws to criminalize actions by people.'


Two Libertarian candidates are vying for the one Libertarian spot on the ballot in the Dist. 44 race for the North Carolina House of Representatives.

Christina Aragues and Angel Yaklin are competing for the seat currently held by Rep. Charles Smith, a Democrat from Fayetteville. CityView spoke with Aragues on three of the biggest issues she may face if she takes office. Answers have been edited for clarity and length. Yaklin did not respond to requests for comment.


The legislature voted last year to legalize sports betting in North Carolina and may consider legalizing video gambling when it convenes in April. To what degree should gambling be legalized?

Christina Aragues: Completely. Gambling occurs with or without regulations and laws. If there’s no victim in a situation, then we should not have laws to criminalize actions by people. I am pro-freedom. We should be focusing on improving our children’s lives and education and safety, and gambling does not come into that. I wouldn’t even waste my time arguing or debating. I would just vote to decriminalize and legalize any gambling that would come up to the General Assembly.


North Carolina banned most abortions after the 12th week of pregnancy last year after previously limiting abortions to 20 weeks. The law makes exceptions for cases of rape, incest and fatal fetal abnormalities. Would you work to enact any further laws regarding abortion?

CA: No. The current law has so many exceptions that it does leave it open to medical practices that would choose to utilize those exceptions, to an extent, that any further waste of time [with further legislation] would not benefit society.


North Carolina legislators have long debated whether to legalize medical marijuana, with some legislators additionally pushing to legalize recreational use. What is your stance on marijuana?

CA: I am completely pro-legalization of marijuana. It is purchased, grown, sold every day illegally in this state. People are criminalized for it. We waste tax money on putting them in jail, looking for it, when just a state over the border, it’s legal in Virginia completely. It’s ridiculous to waste our time and money on something that people have done for hundreds of years. It is proven all around the world [that] the tax money is beneficial towards schools, raising teachers’ pays. It’s beneficial medically once you decriminalize it, because then people can study it freely. I’m 100% pro-legalization of marijuana and especially decriminalizing it immediately.

Reporter Lexi Solomon can be reached at lsolomon@cityviewnc.com or 910-423-6500.

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