Bill Kirby Jr.

She was Dolph Berry’s heart, and he hers – Bill Kirby Jr.

He loved his family and my family, and me,’ Lynn Breeden says of the tender-hearted man she met 20 years ago on a rainy day at the Stoneybrook Steeplechase in Southern Piness. ‘I surely will miss my champion’ So many memories. So many stories. So many moments, Lynn Breeden says, she’ll treasure. “It was love […]


A City With A View For The Best Of Days To Come – Bill Kirby Jr.

By: Bill Kirby Jr.  Email:   Mama always had nuggets of sage wisdom along her life’s way, and with age you’ll find yourself reflecting on those prophetic gems.  Her pretty blues would be firm.  “It’s a long road,” Mama would say, “that never turns.”  And so it has been, this long and winding roadway […]